Talking to Youth

If you are under 24 and having thoughts of suicide or just want a youth peer to talk to, YouthLine, a crisis line and warm line staffed by teen and young adult volunteers, is here for you.  Below is some basic contact information about Youthline or you can visit the YouthLine website at,

What to expect when you call YouthLine

We know that talking about what’s bothering you can be difficult and scary. Talking to someone at YouthLine may be the first time you say out loud what it is you’re going through. When you call us, we listen, support, and keep what you share to ourselves.

What happens when you call? We’ll probably ask your name and what you want to talk about, and we’ll listen. We won’t give you advice or tell you what to do. Instead, we’ll work with you to figure out next steps or just listen while you talk things out. If it’s helpful, we may tell you about places to get more information or where you can find long-term help. We’ll work really hard to make this a safe and comfortable conversation. YouthLine is for those ages 11-21. If that doesn’t match you, we’ll get you over to our organization’s adult crisis line.

Here are things we don’t do: we won’t judge, we won’t tell you what to do, and we won’t tell you that your feelings are dumb or unreasonable–because they aren’t. YouthLine’s teen volunteers are here to listen to you, to help you know that your feelings matter, and to help you feel better.

You are a teen and worried about a friend

The important part of helping your friend is to understand that you are there to offer support but it is up to your friend to decide how they are going to get it. If your friend does not want help, then be patient, checking in with them lets them know you care and are willing to have the conversation when they are ready. Perhaps remind them of their options now and then, but try not to pressure them. If you are worried about their safety or that they are going to hurt themselves somehow, then you need to let someone else know.  Visit the YouthLine website at,