Assessment and Evaluation


  • Using Measurement-based Care to Support the Suicidal Patient
    Whitney Black, MD, is the Quality Medical Director in the Department of Psychiatry at Oregon Health & Science University. Dr. Black describes how the Department of Psychiatry uses an online, system of measurement-based care to assess and monitor patients over time. (Note: In this podcast, Dr. Black identifies Owl Insights as the software used by OHSU. Dr. Black serves as an independent consultant and has a financial interest in Owl Insights, a company that may have a commercial interest in the results of this research or technology. This potential conflict of interest has been reviewed and managed by OHSU).

Oregon Zero Suicide Fidelity Instrument and Metrics

The Oregon Zero Suicide Implementation Assessment Instrument and its integrated metrics were developed from 2018-2019 by Portland State University & the Oregon Health Authority as a way for local health systems to track progress in their implementation of Zero Suicide over time. In an attempt to attain validity as a measure of the national Zero Suicide framework, these tools were based on EDC’s Organizational Self-Study and the accompanying Data Elements Worksheet.

The accompanying longitudinal assessment process was developed by Portland State University. Funding to develop this instrument was provided by SAMHSA Garret Lee Smith Youth Suicide Prevention Grant (Grant # 1U79SM061759-01). Suggested citation: Cellarius, K., Crane, M. (2019). Oregon Zero Suicide Implementation Assessment Instrument, v.1.0. Portland, OR: Portland State University.