Getting Started

This section includes information and tools to assist health care systems as they begin Zero Suicide efforts. The Suicide Prevention Resource Center’s (SPRC) Quick Guide to Getting Started is a 10-step summary of how to begin the Zero Suicide process. We recommend that any organization seeking to begin this work review this important guide. This section of the Oregon Zero Suicide website features Oregon specific “getting started” tools that have practical application for the steps featured in the SPRC Getting Started Guide.



  • Zero Suicide Charter Template
    This tool describes what a charter is, its intent, and what it means to be a sponsor. It also includes a detailed template of a Charter’s components.


  • Leading System Change for Zero Suicide
    As we all know, leadership is a critical component for Zero Suicide. The type of changes needed will not happen without leadership buy in. It’s key. Yet, leadership is about more than “saying yes” to an innovation. In this podcast we dive deeper and discuss more about what saying yes to Zero Suicide entails with Dr. Laura Pennavaria, Chief Medical Officer for the St. Charles Medical Group.


  • What if we could save more lives? An Introduction to Intentional Care
    This presentation provides some basic facts about suicide prevention and suicide prevention in primary care and suggests a shift in perspective is needed for how to approach suicide prevention.
  • Clinical Staff ZS Workforce Survey
    This powerpoint is designed to collect data during a staff meeting about staff knowledge, beliefs and practices related to suicide prevention and their interactions with patients at risk of suicide.
  • NonClinical Staff ZS Worforce Survey
    This powerpoint is similar in emphasis to the All Staff ZS Workforce survey but is designed specifically for nonclinical staff.
  • Pathway to Safer Suicide Care for Leadership
    This presentation targets what leaders need to know about their jurisdiction’s suicide statistics, why a shift in perspective about how to approach suicide prevention is needed and next steps for implementing Zero Suicide.
  • ZS Introduction for Leadership
    This presentation defines Zero Suicide and describes briefly the 7 essential elements.
  • ZS Initiative Overview
    This presentation describes the Zero Suicide initiative, provides relevant national and state data, and links core aspects of Zero suicide with organizational principles and values. Additionally, the presentatiion summarizes results from a workforce survey.


  • Behavioral Health ZS Workplan
    This spreadsheet describes a work plan with subtasks organized according to the 7 key components of Zero Suicide.
  • Zero Suicide Project Plan
    This template provides initial structure for organizing zero suicide work within a primary care setting and on going monitoring of progress.



For additional information and tools pertinent to all aspects of Zero Suicide, visit the Suicide Prevention Resource Center’s Zero Suicide Toolkit.