Teachers/School Professionals

Suicide is the second leading cause of death of youth age 10-24 in Oregon. According to the Oregon Healthy Teens Survey in 2018, around 1 in 5 (19.7%) of Oregon’s 11th graders had experienced thoughts of suicide in the past year. It can feel overwhelming for adults who care about the youth we work with to think about responding to these statistics. However, there is hope. By taking actions to reduce stigma and reach out to youth who are hurting, we can combat these statistics and keep our youth safe.

Research in youth wellness shows that having one trusted adult in their life can dramatically increase the ability of a young person to cope with stress. However, depending on their life circumstances, it could be hard for a young person to identify adults that they trust. That’s where you come in. A teacher, school administrator, or other school professional can provide a trusting and mentoring relationship that can help students feel comfortable reaching out for help.

On this website, you’ll find resources, training information, and tools for implementing evidence-based suicide prevention, intervention, and postvention practices in your school.





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